CCH Pinpoint® Workers Compensation Law

Instant access to workers compensation cases, commentary, legislation and practical tools.


CCH Pinpoint® Workers Compensation Law provides you with focused and specialist content, research and practical tools for all aspects of workers compensation law, whether plaintiff or defendant, in-house or insurer, employer or employee, counsel or corporate.

Comprehensive coverage

  • Instant access to comprehensive and authoritative coverage of all aspects of workers compensation law.
  • Extensive coverage of both the common law and all statutory workers compensation schemes Australia-wide.
  • Instant access to all Uniform Civil Procedure legislation, court rules, and practice directions for all states and territories.
  • Case law that is up to the minute and as it happens, with fully reported cases from all Australian jurisdictions.
  • In depth commentary written in a practical and simple-to-understand language.
  • Set up targeted news alerts to stay up-to-date with the latest legislative developments.


Practical tools

  • Practical tools have been developed by lawyers for lawyers to assist in all aspects of workers compensation law practice, litigation, and administration.
  • Utilise our extensive library of topic guides.
  • Checklists for all claims processes.

What’s new in Practical Tools:

  • Average Weekly Earnings Finder collates all statistical data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics as to average weekly earnings for all states and territories and all categories. It also includes industry specific average weekly earnings for Australia.

CCH Pinpoint® Workers Compensation Comparative Verdicts Finder

Watch our short product demo on how to navigate one of our most popular practical tools in the Workers Compensation practice area in CCH Pinpoint® .

The Workers Compensation Comparative Verdicts Finder is a market leading research tool and a must-have for workers compensation law practice, administration and insurance.

It catalogues thousands of workers compensation claims from every state and territory in Australia since 1999 to date and allows you to search every workers compensation case across Australia by clicking a few buttons.

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