New and changing workplace practices are mandatory. These create issues for how work practices apply, how jobs are defined and how staff are managed. 

Businesses around Australia are adjusting to changing Covid-19 restrictions and issues. Irrespective of whether a business has continued to operate or is now restarting, Covid-19 operating requirements are fundamentally affecting the way businesses operate and their employee relations.

To help businesses navigate the current environment, Matthew O’Callaghan (Workplace Relations Consultant and former Senior Deputy President of the Fair Work Commission) has written a detailed guide on the emerging workplace relations issues faced by businesses during the COVID-19 recovery phase.

The complimentary online guide is available on CCH Pinpoint® for businesses that have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis either marginally or substantially.

The guide covers the following key workplace relations issues: 

  • Bringing employees back to the workplace safely
  • Maintaining alternative business arrangements
  • Enterprise agreements
  • JobKeeper return to work arrangements
  • Discrimination and unfair dismissal
  • New business opportunities

About the Author

Matthew O’Callaghan

Matthew O’Callaghan was a Senior Deputy President in the Fair Work Commission for 17 years. In that role he dealt with disputes affecting the entire range of Australian industries. He has a background in senior public sector administration and construction. Since retiring from the Fair Work Commission in 2017 Matthew has undertaken advisory and workplace relations investigative work across many businesses, ranging from manufacturing, mining, transport, health and retail. In these ongoing roles, he is actively involved in addressing Covid-19 issues.

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