Globally, the legal sector is poised for significant transformation. Increasing information complexity, client demands, economic forces, changing demographics and technology advancements continue to accelerate and demand a response.

After a decade of debate about legal sector transformation – if, when and how it would happen – there’s no question that the global future of law is under way and that technology and the acceleration of technology offerings are key forces for change.

Legal professionals are increasingly turning to accessible and impactful technologies that help them achieve better outcomes and offer higher value through data-driven analytics and insights and higher efficiency and productivity.

About the Author

Lauren Ma

Lauren Ma is the Regional Director of Commercial Strategy, Wolters Kluwer Asia-Pacific and has more than 10 years’ experience leading commercial strategies that have connected complex organisational structures across multiple market and customer segments to deliver greater team alignment, higher profits and sustainable revenue growth.

She is passionate about driving organisational success through connecting people to the high-level strategic plans of an organisation to perform at their professional and personal best.